Author Bio


Poet Laith Biltaji began writing songs and limericks in his head as a child, only committing them to paper later, as a teen. While he draws his inspiration for his poetry from everyday occurrences in his life, it was after reading Michael Crichton's book Travels that he decided to compile a collection of his poems and divide them into four categories: journeys, love, people, and songs.

Biltaji's poetry is the product of his personality, which stems from both Middle Eastern roots and global exposure. It is a deconstructed, chronological documentation of his journey through early teenage years, adolescence, and adulthood, documenting influences, people, and his never-ending search for the understanding of life and the supernatural experience of love.

His new poetry collection, Inspirations, takes a peek at the inspirations that have shaped his life from his teen years to the present. The poems capture and crystallize the different levels of awareness that he has experienced over a period of twenty-five years. It is that distant region within him and in this world that he has endeavored to uncover and that comes alive in Inspirations.